Tenants within the Omaha space hope the second spherical of COVID-19 reduction will transfer sooner

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – With Congress due to pass a second COVID-19 relief bill, Douglas County officials say it’s important that funds flow quickly.

“There are a lot of things that have shut down, a lot of businesses, and people can’t get jobs. They know it’s just hard,” said Raelet Robinson while doing laundry at the Heart Ministry Center.

Like so many in the Omaha metropolitan area, she got help with renting along the way.

“Locally, we still have high volumes of individuals and households lagging behind or unsure how to pay their rent in January,” said Randy McCoy, MAACH executive director.

Congress has allocated $ 25 billion in rental assistance and extended the eviction through January.

“Delays in making funds available to people, delays in resuming or fully implementing programs can certainly mean the difference between households on the street or households that need to double or something else,” said McCoy.

Douglas County commissioner James Cavanaugh told 6 News that he hopes they can give out this second round of aid faster than the first, which has taken a few months.

“There shouldn’t be that loophole,” said Cavanaugh. “Now that we have programs and administration in place, once we get funding from the federal government, we should be able to move forward very quickly.”

As for Raelet Robinson, she hopes that the commissioners get it right and that these funds are not held up.

“It burdens people,” she said. “It puts people in dire straits and situations that you really know could probably be avoided if they moved a little faster.”

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