The 3-year-old Omaha boy who suffers from rare heart disease has received a unique Make-A-Wish

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An Omaha boy suffering from a rare heart condition receives the surprise of his life today when a wish stopped by to help make his dreams come true.

“It was beautiful,” said Erin Bergh, Harlan’s mother.

3 year old Harlan’s eye lit up the moment he walked, or rather sprinted into his back yard on Saturday afternoon.

Make-A-Wish partnered with Timber Ridge Log Homes to create Harlan’s own tree house.

Harlan has a rare heart condition.

Only one in 200,000 is born with it.

And this tree house was exactly what he wanted.

“He’s been through a lot. Our family has been through a lot. For us this is a backyard of childhood dreams. You know, a place where you can escape and play and just be a kid, ”said Bergh.

Harlan and his family enjoyed a day at the zoo while the crews brought his dream to life in just a few hours.

It’s something that those with Make-A-Wish were excited to be a part of.

Due to COVID-19, they weren’t able to fulfill many requests with travel restrictions.

“Harlan wanted a log cabin tree house and it was an amazing wish … a very unique wish. It’s something we’ve never been asked about. But it was also something that can be done now, ”said Tim McGill, Make-A-Wish Nebraska.

It is a wish that Harlan and his brothers will remember for a lifetime.

“He’ll sleep there overnight, the boys will. My kitchen is right out the window so I can watch them play all summer and have a great time. ”

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