The automobile crashes house with the household in North Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An Omaha family is fortunate enough to have no serious injuries after a car crashed into their home.

The crash occurred shortly before noon Tuesday at around 30 p.m. and Ellison in North Omaha.

After the accident, the suspect drove away in the car. The woman, who lives there with her three children, says it is a miracle no one was seriously injured.

Mary Soash, a witness, said, “It sounded like an explosion. And it had withdrawn and gone. We all chased after him yelling at him to stop. We saw who was driving. They didn’t stop. The debris was all over my children. My two month old baby was actually by the window and there was debris everywhere. The box flew over my children. It almost hit her. It was just scary. “

The police say they have a good description of the car.

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