The first Omaha business owner cited for the Mask Ordinance says the quote was dropped

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The first quote issued for violating Omaha’s face mask ordinance has been dropped.

Peter Mayberry said in mid-November that one of his laundromat employees was quoted when a customer was not wearing a mask.

“She was actually wearing a mask when we were quoted and the ticket was written to her,” said Mayberry, owner of Anytime Laundry. “And it also says we don’t have any signs, but we actually did have signs.”

Earlier this week, Mayberry said he went to the scheduled court date with his employee, but when they got there he didn’t see his employee’s name, his name, or the name of his company on that list of hearings for that day.

Then Mayberry said he had spoken to an employee.

“They have their computers that you can see and when she pulled them up it said … something like ‘the city attorney refused to pursue the case’. So we just left,” he said.

City interim attorney Matt Kuhse said if a case was not filed, it was because the evidence was insufficient.

Mayberry says he’s glad his quote was dropped.

“I suspect that entrepreneurs quoted probably have stories similar to mine where we just want our customers to be safe. We really do and want our employees to be safe, ”Mayberry says.

The Omaha Police Department said they have issued six quotes since the Mask Ordinance went into effect in August. Kuhse says his office has reviewed and filed several cases.

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