The group home is responding to complaints in the West Omaha neighborhood

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Earlier this week, an investigation by 6 News found an elderly care facility was being built in the middle of a neighborhood in West Omaha.

Homeowners in Spruce Ridge, near 183rd and Blondo Streets, expressed frustration with no notification and lack of information about the group’s home.

On Thursday, the owners of Garden View Manor sent 6 News a statement confirming that the project will serve seniors with disabilities in a home setting. It is planned that eight elderly residents will not receive medical care around the clock.

The company said residents were known to be calm, respectful neighbors.

6 News is still waiting for a response from the builder who has been instructed to stop construction or take legal action by the developer. The contractor is believed to have broken covenants by building a neighborhood business and not filing plans before starting.

Read the full statement from Garden View Manor:

“This statement is made by the owners of Garden View Manor. You have run a business providing non-medical home care to people of all ages in the Omaha area for several years. You have seen first hand the benefits and improved health outcomes for people who can be cared for in their own home. However, the owners have also found that some people reach a point where they need more support and care from caregivers, or can benefit from the growing community in a group. For this reason, they have initiated a project in the Blondo Ridges district to help seniors with disabilities in a home environment.

This home will not provide medical care 24/7 to 8 elderly people who need help with various activities of daily living. Residents of such houses are known for being calm, respectful neighbors and wanting to be part of the community. One of the programs that would help residents to be part of the community is called “Adopt a Grandparent”. This program would encourage children in the neighborhood to “adopt” one of our residents and read, paint, or just hang out with them.

Many homes like this exist across the country serving the needs of the increasingly aging population in a familiar neighborhood. The intended residents of this house are protected from discrimination by federal and state laws on fair living.

The owners look forward to providing this valuable service to the Omaha and Blond Ridge community. “

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