The group nursing home for disabled seniors surprises the neighbors in West Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Homeowners in a newer subdivision in West Omaha are shocked to learn what is being built in the middle of their neighborhood.

You’re used to building homes in Spruce Ridge, but a new foundation is getting neighbors to take a second look.

Neighbor Steve Knapp said, “You see, it’s a massive foundation, certainly much different and larger than any residential building, so it’s noticeable.”

Zillow lists the property as having eight bedrooms, six bathrooms.

Neighbor Mark Watton said, “I was originally told it was going to be a rehab center.”

The client was asked to stop construction or to take legal action. No workers were seen this morning.

“A little under the radar is the way I would say it, yeah,” said Watton.

Developer’s attorney Brent Beller tells 6 News that an assisted living facility for up to eight disabled seniors and employees is under construction. This is against the inter-house building agreements.

Neighbor Ashley Anderson said, “It’s very frustrating that we haven’t received notice and don’t know about it. Safety concerns among young children in this neighborhood who do not know who is coming and going at this facility. “

Although a single-family home is listed in the city records, up to eight unrelated disabled people can be housed under one roof, according to Omaha’s chief construction inspector. No special permission is required and the neighbors do not need to be notified.

The Wattons who live next door now know about it.

Neighbor Diana Watton said, “I would never have invested so much money in a house to live next to this type of facility. I think there are better places for that. “

The neighbors say this structure, which they know little about, is strange to the neighborhood. Not only because there are a lot of children in the neighborhood, but there is also a very busy street in front of the door.

The neighborhood’s main drag has a steady flow of residents and contractors.

Knapp said: “Parking will be a problem because there are no garages. Where will they park, will they park in the streets? “

Neighbors understand that disabled seniors may need residential style neighbors and are concerned about long-term maintenance of their property values.

The client informed 6 News that he and the care organization involved in the project are collecting information and will provide further information in the next week.

Spruce Ridge’s attorney claims the contractor did not provide the developer with any plans prior to launch, in violation of the subdivision agreements.

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