The highest Omaha gas prices in 7 years

(Omaha, NE) – Gas prices in the Midwest continue to rise. The rise in gas prices started with the first coronavirus vaccine.

“We have seen millions of Americans vaccinated since then.” Patrick De Haan, Senior Oil Analyst at Gas Buddy, says. “The states have reopened due to the drop in coronavirus cases.”

That is the demand side of the price increase. He says the OPEC and US oil refineries are to blame for the supply side of the surge.

“The increase in demand over the past few months has not been met by an increase in production.”

According to De Haan, offline crude oil production increases gas prices by an additional 20 cents per gallon.

He anticipates that prices will continue to rise.

“As the nation continues to recover, I see only an upward trend in our future.” De Haan tells WOWT 6 News.

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