The hotel developer in Midtown Omaha is giving residents more time to move out

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – People who live on a block in Midtown Omaha received a surprise recently: an eviction notice. Developers bought the land for a new hotel.

Where would you go with just 30 days to find a new home? The people who lived in a maisonette on 44th Street and Douglas Street had to find out in October.

Initially, developers gave tenants such as Diane Emerson and Marcia Gustafson until November 30th to make room for a new hotel near Farnam Street and Saddle Creek Road.

“I just want more time to give us a fair chance to find something decent that we can afford,” said Gustafson.

That was until a few days after the first 6 News story aired, she received a new vacation notice from someone on behalf of the hotel extending the lease to December 31st with January 15th notice.

She asked, ‘Well why the change of heart? ‘And he said,’ Well, you can thank Channel Six for that. ‘ ”

At least three renters we spoke to have disabilities, making it difficult to find suitable accommodation. Turns out they bought more time by talking.

“You know, I haven’t found anything, but I have a little more time so I hope,” said Emerson.

“We saw everyone here as health problems, we prayed, and thank God God answered our prayers,” said Wendy Gutierrez.

Tenants are looking for their new home.

Not a word as to when the demolition would begin. Completion of the hotel is scheduled for December 2022.

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