The Mayor of Omaha shares an insight into his husband’s death and announces his return to work

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – On her first public appearance since her husband, Dr. Joe Stothert, earlier this month, Mayor Jean Stothert gave some glimpses of his death on Tuesday before discussing her plans to return to work.

“Lately Joe had started to change. Our family noticed and his work family noticed. Last year had been very difficult for Joe, ”said the mayor. “The questions we have are never fully answered, we know that and we accept it. We also know that mental health problems and depression are common and that those who work in health care are at higher risk. “

With her children by her side and her staff and directors for their support, Stothert thanked the people of Omaha who stood up for their families during this heartbreaking time.

But the mayor said it was time for them to get back to work.

“Like all of us who have experienced tragedy and death, after a while we have to begin to get on with our lives, however unfamiliar they may be. I will resume my duties as mayor this week and ask for all your encouragement and blessings, ”she said.

Dr. Stothert was found dead in the family home on Friday March 5th. Services should be carried out privately. The mayor then interrupted her re-election campaign.

The mayor said Tuesday that her husband supported her decision to continue her campaign.

“Joe and I have talked a lot about what it means to be a civil servant and he was so proud we both served together,” she said. “I know Joe would be proud of this decision and I want me to continue doing my best for the City of Omaha, just like him.”

Mayor Stothert announced on Tuesday that these activities would start again on Wednesday.

“Our team will do this while continuing to remember and honor Dr. Joe’s legacy,” said Dave Boomer, campaign manager, in a mayor’s re-election press release. “He was the mayor’s best volunteer and he loved going door to door with her. We will all miss Joe’s good natures and enthusiasm for his wife. “

The city’s primaries will take place on April 6th.

Stothert thanked her family for all messages of support and condolences and shared their appreciation for the friendly feelings that they had also received from their opponents.

Watch the press conference on Tuesday

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Reporter John Chapman contributed to this report.

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