The Michigan woman spent decades looking for her birth father and found him in Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A Michigan woman searched for her birth father for decades.

Erika Ramfos was adopted at birth and when she turned 15 she began the search for her birth father.

“I would write letters to Oprah Winfrey, Ellen letters, Maury Povich, I would only write her letters to try to help me,” said Erika Ramfos.

She says she has done various DNA tests over the decades, always looking for her father, but falling short.

She said she was looking in the wrong places but tried a new DNA test in December. This time it was different.

“I received my results at the end of February. It took me five days and a lot of hard work, no sleep, but I found it. “

He was here in Omaha.

“I’ve thought about it a lot over the years. I was hoping I would knock on the door. But then after 35-40 years I kind of gave up, ”said Roger Morford.

On Thursday, the two were finally allowed to hug for the first time.

“I was a nervous wreck all day. Time passed so slowly. Then I couldn’t wait to get down there when they were checked into the hotel. We got ready and hurried to the hotel. It was wonderful to see them, ”said Morford.

Over the past two days, the father and daughter duo have been inseparable and have learned everything they can from each other. On Saturday, Erika was introduced to extended family members.

It’s a moment both of them have been waiting for and now they can build memories together for a lifetime.

“I mean, it took me so long, but at least he’s young and still has a lot in him, I still have a lot in me and I know we still have a lot of time.”

These two know that they are not the only two loved ones who have been looking for each other. They share their story so that others hold onto hope.

“Do not give up!” said Morford.

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