The neighbor is pushing for the Omaha condo to observe the brand new trash guidelines

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The rules for garbage collection in Omaha are clear. For more efficient collection, garbage must be put in the new container. But tenants in an apartment complex in Omaha did not appear to have received the memo.

After improving his property, Kevin Micek said the plans for sale went in the trash right next door.

Kevin Micek said, “It’s like living next to the city dump.”

Kevin says the trash for a six-plex next door hasn’t been emptied in over a month.

“This is a health hazard, this attracts all kinds of living things and animals, unhealthy animals that lug trash all over the place, it’s disgusting,” Kevin said.

Wednesday is garbage collection day in the neighborhood, but the city’s new pickup contract excludes old containers that tenants have been using.

“All of these old containers here in town are not going to empty,” said Kevin.

Kevin says the city’s new dumpsters are empty here, and the new trash bins are filled with unacceptable items like groceries and trash that aren’t being taken away.

The management of the house changed hands on December 1st. New landlord Red Key Real Estate says tenants haven’t complained about overflow.

After I told them about the mess, a company maintenance man came to clean up.

“It took you less than four hours, which took me seven weeks, so I’m very happy about it,” said Kevin.

The management company will inform the residents of the six apartments about the use of the city, provided there are two rubbish bins and two recycling bins. Others can be rented from FCC Environmental Services.

“I’m afraid he’ll have to make several trips,” said Kevin.

Kevin hopes the landlord will pay more containers so that another eyesore doesn’t grow so close to his property.

“Maybe I can get it out there and actually have some interested buyers,” Kevin said.

Omaha’s trash collection manager says if the wrong cans are used or if the trash bins are filled with improper trash, a city inspector will first notify an owner of the rules.

The city can also offer a one-time courtesy fee. But overflowing trash, which is a constant nuisance that can lead to violations and cleanups.

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