The neighbors are frustrated with the growing garbage heap in the Omaha neighborhood

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Some people say there’s a smelly eyesore near the corner of 13th and Vinton.

“The neighbors along with me and everyone are just frustrated with the buildup of rubbish here,” said John Cap, owner of Chop’s Bowling Alley.

Cap said he’d been dealing with the trash for years.

“The pockets are being torn open. Winds come around. We keep cleaning our parking lot all year round. It’s just rubbish pouring in from across the street, ”he explained.

The public works department says trash that is outside of the bins will not be picked up.

The website also states that items shouldn’t stick out of the shopping cart. Lids must be able to close completely. It also states that carts should not be placed near light poles or mailboxes.

The city pointed out that every home in the area has a trash can for trash and a trash can for recycling. Cap said he thought that made the problem go away.

“Because everyone would have their own trash can. Where a garbage can has never been used before. They just stacked it up the way it is now, ”he said.

Instead, he said the problem continued. He said the pile that was visible the following Monday wasn’t the worst.

“Usually there is furniture, appliances, you call it stacked there. And it only gets worse. “

The public works department said they are aware of the problem. They said they are working to find a solution to get rid of the trash.

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