The new South Omaha coffee shop opens while you navigate in cold weather and COVID-19

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Although a company was started during a pandemic and then dealt with a cold snap, a coffee shop is open in southern Omaha.

The owners of Sunnyside on Center share 6 News that community support should help them move forward.

They just keep smiling at Sunnyside in the center, despite the roadblocks that have been thrown in their way. Travis Liebig and his business partner had been talking about opening this breakfast place for about a year.

“The pandemic really slowed us down. So we’ve put a lot of things on hold, but we’ve decided to keep moving, ”said Travis.

Travis saw this as an opportunity and focused on opening with take-out and pick-up on the side of the road.

“Many other restaurants had to switch to that. We felt this was easier for us because we had to start doing takeout and roadside work, ”said Travis.

Sunnyside opened on February 2nd, shortly after Omaha went into a frozen state. Keep customers at home.

“I mean, orders slowed down a bit this week because it’s cold. We come here early in the morning and when we get out of our cars we say I can’t believe how cold it is, ”said Travis.

So far, the café has received a lot of support from this community.

Will Torres owns a shop across the street. He says the new breakfast spot is a welcome addition to the business world.

“It’s going to be a great place. They renovated the building. Everything is brand new and I look forward to taking a look, ”said Will of Will Style Bridal Boutique.

“Our business neighbors were great and supported us. We love to support them too. Just the people in this neighborhood, they made us so welcome. Everyone was so excited, ”said Travis.

For now, business is here to stay and Travis is hoping to take the chair off and open it for dine-in soon. He’s also hoping for warmer weather and more customers.

“We assume the summer months are just getting crazy, which is great. For us, it’s just about figuring out how to put people in, maybe to sit outside, when we can find outdoor seating, ”said Travis.

But right now you have to keep smiling and thinking warm thoughts.

Despite the colder weather, Sunnyside on Center is expecting good business this Valentine’s Day weekend.

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