The nonprofit Omaha Road College helps kids enhance lives

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A subway school needs help because the van that takes its students from here to there is much older than any of the students.

And it is not an ordinary school as it helps guide students struggling with problems like poverty or crime into a better future.

The van has been through a lot.

The Omaha Street School brings students to events such as job fairs and teams to exercises or games: a used rusty van that was donated in 2014.

“We brought it to Lincoln. We have visited Platteview, Plattsmouth, all over the Tube area, where we go to college and where we volunteer, ”said Lance Griffin, director of Gap U Programs.

It can get students where they need to go – if they get the engine started.

“Does it always work the first time? You know, you have to talk to her every now and then, you know, talk nice to her, ”said Charles Wilson, director of CARE.

Omaha Street School does not receive state or federal funding because it is based on belief.

They say that’s what makes the school successful when it comes to giving a chance to students who once made bad decisions.

Silas, James, and other students force their way into the van through the passenger door – because it’s the only one that opens.

So the school is raising $ 8,500 to buy a reliable, used van.

Nothing extravagant, just one that has no hole in the floor and that students can rely on.

With a few thousand dollars more, they can leave that in the rearview mirror and keep working towards a better future.

At the last check on Monday night, Omaha Street School raised about $ 3,000 so far.

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