The oldest residing Nebraskan celebrates in Omaha | his 114th birthday native information

On Wednesday by phone, Sorenson said his aunt had “always been a very caring and generous person,” especially to his family.

“Our family was extremely poor during the Depression,” said Sorenson. “Thelma’s husband Bill worked for the (US) post office, so they were better off. I remember she brought presents, not just for Christmas, but anytime for me, my two brothers and my sister. I would go to war for her because she did for us. “

Longevity runs in the Sutcliffe family. Sorenson’s mother – Thelma’s sister – died shortly before her 107th birthday at the age of 106 in Arizona. Thelma, who survived two attacks of breast cancer, has problems seeing and hearing.

She moved from Elmwood Tower to Brighton Gardens in 2017. At Elmwood Tower, longtime friend Luella “Lou” Mason said Thelma was “an excellent bridge player” who rarely lost.

“If they were big enough, I wouldn’t say she couldn’t whip them today,” Mason said.

Until the pandemic, Mason could visit Thelma at least once a week. Mason took off her clothes and helped her make appointments at the beauty salon.

“I had to hold her closet just right,” said Mason. “She always wants to look good.”

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