The Omaha Church helps the community by distributing food

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – 180 boxes of fresh products, dairy products and milk arrived in the parking lot of the Lutheran Trinity Church on Friday morning.

“The meat can vary from chicken taco meat, some sausages, we had brats, and fully cooked chicken thighs,” said Carri Prusia, the church office manager.

The church worked with a nonprofit, Whispering Roots, to distribute USDA Farmers to Family Food Boxes.

“We actually distribute to schools, to pantries and we have an OHA housing estate that we also serve,” said Prusia.

Gage Woodyard helps unload groceries from the truck every Friday. He can then move some of the boxes into his own pantry.

“When you see someone’s face light up when you say you have fresh produce for them, it’s one of those experiences I’ll never forget,” said Woodyard, director of St. Benedict’s Pantry.

He said the boxes get claimed very quickly.

“It’s usually gone the next day,” added Woodyard.

Prusia said they tried to meet a need for years, but especially during the pandemic when more families are in need.

“It’s still very, very important that we do this every week to keep going into our community and helping,” she said.

The church also has a pantry every third Saturday of the month where people can get a box of groceries along with other groceries and a gallon of milk.

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