The Omaha homeless shelter receives nationwide consideration for Covid vaccinations

(Omaha, NE) – A homeless shelter in Omaha is one of the first in the US to offer Covid vaccinations to the homeless and employees.

Nebraska Methodist College and the Douglas County Health Department provided 70 doses of vaccine to staff and residents of the Open Door Mission and received national attention.

The shelter has maintained strict Covid-19 prevention measures and has a positive Covid rate of less than 1 percent among residents and employees.

The presidential employee in charge of the US Homelessness Council is impressed with the success and now with the vaccination clinic.

“Mathematically, this place should have been destroyed,” said Dr. Robert Marbut Jr., executive director of the US Council on Homelessness. “You know … if you go back a year we talked about it. That was every prediction. And what (Gregory) did: She was very strict. And these logs – she put it in early; she followed them. It paid off and saved lives. “

WOWT-TV 6 News Reports Marbut came to Omaha to help with the vaccination clinic.

“It was great! It’s so cool, it’s just a wonder how quickly this has developed and it’s already in your arms,” ​​said Marbut.

Screenshot: Clinton Pope receives his first dose of the Moderna vaccine at WOWT’s Open Door Mission on Wednesday.

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