The Omaha household remembers the daddy who misplaced to COVID

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Nobody expects this to be their story. Sitting down to talk about the death of a loved one with whom they had expected for many years.

Matt Stewart lost his father Thomas Scott Stewart after an uphill battle with COVID.

In pictures online he can be seen with his wife on Thanksgiving, described as alive and healthy.

“His loss hit a lot of people really hard,” said Stewart.

Ten days later he was in the hospital, three weeks later he was gone. The husband, father, and grandfather are a practical type.

“My dad thing was great because he was really involved in our lives,” recalls Stewart.

The kind of person who black belted their kids and coached grandchildren in baseball.

“He will no longer be there for us, he will no longer be there for his grandchildren, he will not be at these events, he will not train and give advice, and we will definitely miss that. Stewart said.

As a healthy man, Thomas took the pandemic seriously because of the ongoing lung damage from tuberculosis. After Matt’s wife spent a few days in bed with symptoms, she suggested that Thomas check his oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter.

“If you get sick and your oxygen levels go below 90, this is your red flag that we need to go to the hospital,” said Thomas.

He attributed to this tiny device that it was time she brought more help to his father. It was a series of ups and downs in the hospital.

“We were hoping he’d get out, but as things continued downhill we found that unfortunately his lungs weren’t strong enough to recover,” said Stewart.

Many who have been in this situation know that the most difficult thing is not to see their loved one. It was 20 days before one after another where people could visit.

“They wonder if, by being by their side from the start, there is some way of giving them your healing energy, and if having family around family could help them relax. We’ll never know, ”said Stewart.

For the last four days of Thomas’ life, the hospital gave permission to say goodbye as a family.

“We were very lucky as a family to come to the hospital to see my father for the last four days of his life and be with him and hold his hand and pray and talk to him about him, but got lots of families not this opportunity and it has to change, ”said Stewart.

For the past few days, Thomas Stewart’s family has been trying to figure out how to honor his life. Avid sports enthusiasts, they partner with PACE to revitalize a baseball field. You can help with their mission through PayPal at [email protected] or by email at 14512 Polk Circle, Omaha, NE 68137.

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