The Omaha lady says the residence didn’t depart her sizzling water in freezing climate

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – This Christmas hasn’t been so happy for an Omaha woman who lived without hot water, and Milagros Bonilla is running out of patience.

“It’s just not right,” she said.

It’s been four days since her home at Legacy Crossing was without hot water. She said she spent her week of vacation calling the complex for help.

She said, ‘Oh no problem, we will send you maintenance work.’ ”

But nobody came. They never gave an update and she was forced to find out.

“It was pretty hard. We filled pots and pans – pots to heat up, ”she said.

Christmas morning fell to 3 degrees. But a hot shower or even a warm bath was not an option for Milagros, her husband, or her young grandson.

“The office number, the emergency number – nobody answers,” she said.

To make matters worse, she is recovering from bronchitis and she hopes she won’t have to worry about it when she returns from the hospital.

Let her stove run all day while she fills her pots and constantly pours the steaming water into the tub.

“Run back again – it’s a back and forth,” she said.

And this is not their first Legacy release. In their old unit, the pipes froze and flooded in winter.

Similar problems have been reported by 6 News in the past. In the fall, the owner confirmed problems with bats, cockroaches, plumbers and more.

In three years, Milagros said she was never late for the rental – and asked not for pity, but for respect.

“It is very wrong to do something to someone. You are violating someone’s rights, ”she said.

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