The Omaha Police are looking for a man connected to the South Omaha murder

(Omaha, NE) – The Omaha Police are looking for a man they say may be linked to a murder in South Omaha.

Investigators say they are trying to track down 53-year-old Francisco Santiago. According to the OPD, officials are looking to Santiago to ensure his safety. Police say Santiago misses his left eye and has an artificial right leg.

On Wednesday morning, 58-year-old Jose Martinez was found dead in a public house in South Omaha. The Omaha police officers were sent to the Highland Tower near Streets 25 and B to see their wellbeing. Investigators once said on the spot that officials found Martinez dead.

Anyone with information about this investigation or the whereabouts of Santiago is asked to call the Homicide Squad at 402-444-5656.

(Photo by the Omaha Police Department)

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