The Omaha policeman is hospitalized after being hit by a car

Investigators say the officer is in very serious condition, but with non-life threatening injuries, after being struck by a vehicle on the JFK Freeway heading north near I-80-480 early Thursday evening.

Police say policeman Michael Salseda set up a traffic control at an accident scene when he was hit.

Police also say that 29-year-old Christopher Guy from Bellevue is booked for DUI assault in the case.

Investigators say Salseda, who was wearing a reflective vest, was out of his vehicle and putting out torches when he was hit.

The investigation revealed that a vehicle heading north could not stop behind the cruiser.

The driver said he tried to move to the right but there were cars in the way, so he turned left on his shoulder to avoid hitting the cruiser.

Then Officer Salseda was hit, still standing on his shoulder.

Investigators say Guy showed signs of impairment and was taken to central police headquarters where detectives conducted a DUI investigation.

They say his test results showed a blood alcohol level of 0.305.

(Image from Omaha Police Department)

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