The Omaha Recycling Center promises changes following complaints of loud truck traffic and garbage

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A busy recycling center near homeowners often creates a less-than-neighborly situation.

The neighbors are waiting and promise changes by the recycling company.

A timestamp shows truck traffic at 1:30 a.m. at the Nebraskaland Recycling Center, and a nearby neighbor, Marty Kinsella, says he cannot sleep well.

“At half past one in the morning I’m up because of the truck traffic that the trucks work with here,” said Kinsella.

The second layer of recyclable packaging can last until 11 p.m., and Nebraskaland’s owner says trucking is not a routine overnight.

“If they come back with a haul or come early to prepare to get their trailer up and out of here, that would be the only time after hours,” said Lance Brown of Nebraskaland Recycling.

Daylight brings various ailments, such as garbage flying out of the recycling center.

“I thought it was a bunch of birds,” said neighbor Clark.

Neighbors like Clark see trash in their yards and on a busy path that runs across from the recycling facility.

“I would love to see trucks out of the residential area, stay trash out of the neighborhood, and then see it is a little quieter,” said Clark.

“We will definitely do everything we can. Anything brought to our attention was definitely trying to fix, if not keep it to a minimum, ”said Brown.

Nebraskaland employees pick up rubbish from the public road, path and neighboring yards twice a day. But homeowners also want the neighborhood to be freed from large trucks.

Lance Brown says there will be a half-change in his operation soon and fewer neighbors, hikers and bikers will either see them parked or drive down the street less this semis.

Nebraskaland Recycling has another location in the row, so that most semis no longer come to the neighborhood.

“All of these finished goods are actually being shipped from another warehouse. So that would eliminate a lot of the heavy truck traffic, ”said Brown.

Homeowners nearby are hoping Brown doesn’t recycle the promise of being a good neighbor by saying that many large trucks will leave the neighborhood for good.

“All we’re looking for is a good neighbor and something to clean up the area, not an inconvenience,” said Kinsella.

The owner of Nebraskaland Recycling says he has a plan and if it goes well, neighbors could see a drop in truck traffic early next week.

City Councilor Vinny Palermo says the facility is properly zoned and he is reviewing the area once a week. The municipal waste department monitored after a garbage violation was discovered last fall.

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