The residents of the Omaha cellular residence park are working onerous to search out repairs to keep away from eviction

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Dozens of residents are faced with repairs or potential evictions from an RV community in northwest Omaha.

Six on Your Side first covered the announcements that shocked many people in Maplewood Estates. But tonight a former worker came back there to help residents who she knew couldn’t do it on their own.

A repair notice from the park management of the mobile home meant that 75-year-old Bob Weeks couldn’t come by without a new siding. So Marlene Crouch directed a renovation.

Jim Weeks said, “I was so happy that I could cry.”

Siding, skirting boards and windows were replaced by volunteers from St. Michael Lutheran Church.

“I didn’t think I could do it without help,” said Weeks.

In response to Marlene’s plea for help, the St. Michael pastor received a US $ 10,000 grant from the Emmanuel Vision Foundation to purchase materials for repairs on four mobile homes.

Marlene Crouch said, “Critters can come in there and eat its wires.”

Current damage to the siding and skirting board needs to be repaired, and the resident’s caretaker says the mobile home park management’s demand worried her client.

Sierra Snoddy, Resident Caretaker, said, “He’s definitely worried about getting it done every time he gets a message about how to do this, where I’ll get the money for it.”

Marlene said: “And that’s the terrible thing about it all, that he’s bedridden.”

Marlene donates a thousand dollars herself and says her job isn’t done yet.

Marlene said: “Because I know how hard these people work and they are proud and have lived here for a long time. Many of them are subject to social security contributions, and many are single mothers. “

Marlene says she used to work in the Maplewood Estates office. But now, instead of renting lots, she’s collecting donations to help residents who can afford repairs that the landlord demands.

Mobile home park attorney Jim McVay says management is giving people a break and hasn’t been told to evict for lack of repairs. He says a number of tenants have been addressing issues. Anyone who would like to support volunteering can contact St. Michael Lutheran Church in 132nd and Blondo.

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