The Taste of Heaven food truck helps those in need across Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – A local feeding program called Taste of Heaven Food Truck founded 10 years ago is still going strong but has had to turn around due to the pandemic.

Their ribs, chicken & waffles and Friday fish fries are a huge hit.

“We make grilled wings with our own hot sauce and sell out every time we offer them,” said Tony Sanders, owner of the Taste of Heaven food truck.

Sanders wanted to help others, so he provided food to around 200 children five days a week in food-insecure areas. Since the need was so great, it had to expand quickly.

“Meanwhile, we saw people who needed food on the weekend. For many of them, the only hot meal they got was the meal program. If school wasn’t there or they went home for the weekend, many of them would without you So we sent pantries home with them, “Sanders said.

The food truck, which was purchased late last year during the pandemic, allows them to reach an even wider audience by delivering free hot meals while still offering something extra special for the kids.

“A lot of the kids didn’t know how to cook, so we started a cooking class so they know how to cook the things we give them,” said Sanders.

Helping children succeed is another passion. So he hands Sweet Tooth, the snack part of the business, to his mentees and nephews. You know exactly what to sell.

“Back when school was still every day there was this food truck that kids could use to buy snacks every day and I remember some things people bought and those were some of the things we did Have set menu, “said Jaylen Dunn. Sander’s nephew.

When you see the truck you can’t help but notice some very special photos. Sanders said he will always pay homage to those who helped him get started.

This restaurant on wheels offers mobility and a clear path to keep business going.

“The restaurant industry has been hit hard when it comes to people eating in restaurants because of COVID. The food truck gives us the opportunity to move a little more, go to neighborhood associations and have block parties that take people outside “said Sanders.

In addition to delivering free food to those in need, the food truck is available for pop-ups, catering and private events.

You can find the taste of heaven for lunch this Friday in the Koinonia Friends of Christ church parking lot near 32nd and Corby.

Find out where they’ll be next on their Facebook page.

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