The tree of the dead threatens the Omaha neighbors’ backyard

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A dangerous tree hangs over an Omaha neighborhood and there has already been a close call. A huge branch fell from the tree onto the Pautlers’ fence – in two places – and they fear that more is to come.

A violation was reported to the homeowner near Streets 70th and Burt, but there was no response.

“Not a safe place to stand, let yourself be taken away from the danger looming over our property,” said Jenny Pautler.

That’s why Jenny and Nate Pautler don’t let their kids play in the backyard while they figure out who’s responsible for removing the dangerous tree next door.

“It was very frustrating. It was a lot of phone calls that were waiting on hold and passed from person to person and eventually returned to the same impasse, ”said Nate Pautler.

This is because the homeowner in charge of the tree is dead and lived alone in the house. Since his death 18 months ago, neighbor Mary Anna Anderson said she and others had picked up the yard.

The family said, ‘Don’t contact us; contact the bank. We don’t want anything to do with it, ”said Anderson.

6 News contacted the bank and neighbors spotted a private contractor inspecting the tree and fence on Wednesday. The neighbors say they are only concerned about the safety of their families. When that big truck fell recently, a branch they had cut was stretching across the sidewalk.

After answering 6 messages via email, city experts also inspected the tree and Omaha Parks Director informed me that the bank would remove the danger.

That is the priority for the Pautlers.

“First and foremost, this tree was removed so I could get out of here and play in the yard with my kids and not worry about what might fall on them,” Nate said.

A US bank spokesman said she appreciated that 6 News made her aware of the situation and that they are taking such concerns seriously. The bank is not the registered owner but will continue to investigate the matter.

“We appreciate you drawing our attention to this. US Bank is not in title or currently the holder of the record for the property at 7026 Burnt St. Omaha NE. We take these concerns seriously and will continue to investigate the matter directly with the neighbor and homeowner. As we do not own the property, we are currently unable to provide additional comments. “

Public records show that the property is still in the dead man’s name.

The government has put foreclosures on hold during the pandemic.

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