The West Omaha construction project expands 180th Street

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A major road construction project to support north-south traffic flow in West Omaha is underway.

It’s a project that is long overdue.

“We’ve been working on this project for literally 20 years,” says Dan Kutilek.

Douglas County’s technical director Dan Kutilek said the first phase of the connection between Blondo and West Dodge Road at 180th Street is ahead of schedule.

He calls this a challenging engineering project. It includes the construction of two large two-lane bridges over Papio Creek, a main line of the Union Pacific Railroad, and the historic Lincoln Highway.

The 180th Street extension is the latest in a series of north-south routes in the county.

“It’s a very busy corridor, said Kutilek. We coordinated with the City of Omaha and the 156th Street improvements that recently opened between Dodge and Maple. 168th Street the year before and now this 180th Street. All of them carry tens of thousands of cars, so we had to kind of juggle the balls to make sure the public got some form north and south in this corridor. “

Kutilek said the project was tied for years as the county dealt with environmental regulations, permits and the railroad.

Eighty percent of the project’s $ 40 million price tag comes from federal funding.

Jack Hoffman lives right on 180th Street.

“The only thing that was bothersome, I’d say it was that they use the pylons that hit those who would be loud in a little jar, but it’s part of the progress,” he said.

Hoffman planted more than 70 trees as a barrier between the street and his home. He and his neighbors are happy that the project is being realized.

“They are absolutely excited because it will be up north and we will like it too. We’ll have Maple access when it’s ready, so I think it’s good for everyone in our area, ”he said.

A new bridge on Blondo east of 180 is also part of the overall project. Kutilek said it should improve travel in this part of the county.

“It will be exciting to finally open it to the public,” he said.

The street should be open until autumn this year. The second phase from Blondo to West Maple Road should be completed in autumn 2022.

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