There will be a new addition to Omaha City Council District 5

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Early votes begin for the upcoming general election. The voters decide on the next mayor and seven city councilors.

There are two races without an incumbent.

When Rich Pahls left the Nebraska Legislature Council, councilors elected his temporary replacement to fill the seat. Your election didn’t make it out of the area code.

Don Rowe is a longtime wood industry executive and a political newcomer.

“My whole career has been finding win-win solutions to problems. I think I can contribute that way, ”said Rowe.

Patrick Leahy is an architect.

“My skills as a businessman and architect prepared me for it. I’m well suited for that. It’s a great city and I want to make it better, ”said Leahy.

Just 74 votes separated the two in a crowded field earlier this month. Patrick Leahy served on the board of the Metropolitan Community College for 10 years.

“I’m on an eleven-member board at Community College and they have seven. That’s fewer people you have to call to get to the same page. I can get started right away, ”said Leahy.

“I’m a fan of the mayor and the city council. I think things went well given what we went through, the pandemic and the unrest. I feel like we’ve built up momentum. I want to continue that, ”said Rowe.

Both men believe that their life experiences prepared them for success in tackling problems that affect our daily lives.

“We do strategic planning, budgeting, preparing finances, balance sheets, I’m from the business side,” said Rowe.

“With my experience as a businessman, tax conservative, and architect, I can help articulate people’s vision and make sure we take care of the details so we can make them happen,” Leahy said.

District 5 will have a new voter representative. Douglas County’s Election Commissioner sent more than 78,000 ballots to voters yesterday.

Friday is the deadline to register for the vote and request an early vote.

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