This Omaha penthouse is ideal for anybody who desires of residing in a tough rock café

Picture this, but 3,193 square feet of it – indoors and for sale for $ 1.5 million

Cabin bug last year was a goldmine for window shopping online real estate. Formerly reserved primarily for potential homeowners, sites like Zillow have become a staple of our morning internet recaps, offering endless fantasy whereabouts and getaways. But also, damn it, there are some Bonkers houses out there. You don’t even know half of it.

Today’s induction into the Surreal Zillow Hall of Fame is courtesy of an on-the-market penthouse in Omaha, Nebraska that appears to have been decorated by a team of Hard Rock Cafe consultants whose 11-year-old rocked their first Squier Strat starter kit and / or every dad who’s ever uttered the phrase, “Rock ‘n’ roll just isn’t what it used to be, man!” while sipping on a Michelob Ultra.

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1101 Jackson St APT 507, Omaha, NE 68102 | MLS # 22025636 | Zillow

First brought to our attention through the @TheBestofZillow Twitter account, this 4 bed / 5 bath / 3,193 square foot gem with a view of the Omaha skyline can please you for the exorbitant (if not surprising) tune of Jan. , $ 5 million owned. Like the incredible House of Pesci, we’ve sadly come to the conclusion that interior decorations like a classic car-shaped couch, a dining table with a guitar case, framed pictures of famous rockers, and a custom Beatles marquee are not on sale, but the listing boasts that the “Fender-inspired bar” of the penthouse is part of the deal. We have to imagine that the sink is shaped like a martini class and the beer taps (with microphone handles) embedded in a Marshall amplifier aren’t going anywhere that fast either.

It is enough to take a break to place a bid until you realize that your neighbors are unlikely to like you if you blow Highway To Hell at 2am

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