Together Inc.’s pantry is expanding beyond Omaha to meet growing demand

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Following the warning from the Food Bank for the Heartland, their partner food supplies are preparing to ensure that pandemic demand will continue for years to come.

“That’s 90 percent of our food right now because I have a teenager and an eight-year-old, and it’s a tremendous help right now,” said Jeannie Horton as she picked up a box of food in the Together pantry.

Soon she and others will be able to walk into a 10,000 square meter pantry. “In order to meet the increased demand and the sheer volume of people, we have enlarged the parking lot and doubled the size of the pantry,” said Mike Hornacek, CEO of Together Inc. “In the end, we had around 154,000 thousand visitors to our pantry last year” , that’s around 400 percent of what you saw the year before.

“The number of people having problems is much higher than it was 15 months ago, and research, history and data tell us it will take time,” said Hornacek, noting that they want to expand beyond Omaha.

“The demand is so dramatic that our location alone can no longer meet the demand,” said Hornacek and announced that he would be opening a second pantry of the same size. “I’m very excited to announce that we will be branching out this fall and our pantry services will be available in Council Bluffs.”

All in an effort to keep helping people when they come back from the pandemic

“You help a lot,” said Prya Kumari as she loaded a box of food into her car. “We’re saving some money so we can pay some bills.”

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