Two useless and two significantly injured within the explosion in South Omaha

Few details are known after an explosion in South Omaha on Tuesday morning.

At around 8:15 a.m. Tuesday morning, the explosion furnished a house and severely damaged two neighboring homes near Streets 51st and L.

Scott Fitzpatrick, chief of the Omaha Fire Battalion, confirmed that two people were killed and that two more were seriously injured in the explosion that leveled the house at 4810 S 51st St.. A dog was also pulled away from the scene and given oxygen, he said. Another dog died on the scene.

Two houses next to the exploded house burned after the explosion and caused severe damage. MUD shut down the gas service in the area and OFD evacuated the entire block on both sides, Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick says the Omaha Police Department is helping fire investigators determine the cause of the explosion. The crews are expected to stay on site for most of the day on Tuesday.

Neighbors in the area told 6 News they might feel shivering from the explosion from the blocks away.

Debris from the explosion spilled across the street. Marianne Distefano tells 6 News that she could see the aftermath from her porch. “I was in the other room in my house and heard a loud explosion – I thought it was my basement or something in my house,” she said. “When I got outside, all I saw was that the house was on fire, on fire.”

She said the explosion was so loud and intense that it shook the walls in her home. “It was awfully loud. It sounded like someone had bombed the house – it sounded like someone dropped a bomb, it was so loud, ”said Distefano. “It threw things out of my garage; Rakes and things fell off. “

You can read the statement from the Omaha Fire Department Tuesday afternoon below:

The Omaha Fire Department responded to a house explosion at 815 this morning. When the crews responded, heavy black smoke was visible several blocks away. When the crews arrived, they put out the fire on the houses around the house, which exploded, and began evacuating the surrounding houses. The crews requested a second alarm reaction at 0823. The second alarm response was requested to put out the fire and evacuate the rest of the block. We called on the utilities in OPPD and MUD to help shut down gas and electricity in the affected area. We can confirm that we had two deaths from the explosion. Omaha Fire & Rescue transported two more people from the scene to the CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center – Bergan Mercy in critical condition, as patients at the Code 3 trauma center. One dog was found dead on site. OFD crews also provided oxygen to another dog on site. We were told that this dog is currently fine. Omaha Fire Investigators are investigating the cause of the explosion, Omaha Police are also assisting the investigation. This is the standard protocol when we have fire-related deaths. This will be a lengthy investigation. Please advise people to stay out of this area as 51st Street has been closed from L Street to Holmes Street. The house we were called to because of the explosion is a complete loss and was leveled in the explosion. The houses to the north and south of 4810 S. 51st St. are badly damaged. The Omaha Police Department will post the names of the deceased and those who have been injured after identification is confirmed and the next of kin are notified.

(Photo by WOWT 6 News)

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