Visits from probation officers, Taste of North Omaha, weekend guides

06/11/21 • Nebraska Vaccine Dates. • National Case Trends

This weekend, South 24th Street will be full of color, music and food as parishioners mark the 100th anniversary of the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Omaha.

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Happy National Corn on the Cob Day!

Lend us your ears, announce today’s news – with melted butter: the city urges probation officers to avoid home visits, Taste of North Omaha offers COVID-19 vaccinations, and the weekend promises summer fun, from the flea market to the U.S. Olympics swimming attempts.

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  1. Minimum number of former Justice Department officials hired by Amazon in the past decade: 13.
  2. Minimum number of former Defense Department officials hired by Amazon in the past decade: 69

Source: Mother Jones (San Francisco)

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Omaha Farmers Market Guide

Omaha Farmers Market at Baxter Arena
2425 S. 67th St. | Parking lot 26 (opposite the village of Aksarben)
Sundays through October 10th | 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

In 2010, the second Omaha Farmers Market opened in the village of Aksarben, expanding the town’s tradition of focusing the community on local food, crafts, and live music. This year it started with a small return and has moved from its usual location to parking lot 26 outside the Baxter Arena.

Visitors can expect some of the same superb sellers from the Saturday Old Market location, in addition to other Sunday exclusive sellers spaced apart for social distancing and intimate experience. Those who take part in both days get the best of both worlds.

Note that animals are not allowed on the market, except of course service animals. Disabled parking spaces are available in customer car parks 25 and 26.

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