Voting deadlines come before the Omaha election

According to a press release from the Douglas County Election Commission, 6:00 p.m. this Friday, April 30th is the deadline to register to vote, the deadline to request an early vote for the 2021 general election in Omaha, and the deadline for the Request a replacement ballot for the Omaha General Election and DC West Community Schools bond election.

Registration deadline for voters:

“New residents or those who have moved must register this week to vote in person at the Douglas County Election Commission office if they are in the Omaha City General Election May 11, 2021, or Douglas County’s Bond Election West Schools want to attend, “said Election Commissioner Brian Kruse.

Personal voter registration at the Election Commission office is the only way for voters to first register, re-register at a new address, change affiliation with a political party, or make other changes to their registrations for the Omaha General Election Vote on the Douglas County West Schools bond.

The Election Commission office is located at 12220 W Center Road, Omaha, on the northwest corner of 120th Street, and at W. Center on Bel Air Plaza.

Voters residing in Douglas County’s West Community School District are eligible to participate in the Email Special Bond Election also on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Voters can confirm their information such as political districts and polling stations, as well as view their voting slip, by visiting the website at and entering their house number and postcode in the Find Your Voting Information section.

Voters can also call the Electoral Commission during business hours at (402) 444-VOTE (8683).

Application for early voting by post:

Friday, April 30, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. is also the deadline to apply for an early ballot for the general election in Omaha.

An early voting request can be posted on the Electoral Commission’s website at, or a voter can submit a written request for an early voting, including the election, name, date of birth, telephone number, and / or or E. -Mail address, registered address, address to which the ballot should be sent and their signature.

Inquiries can be sent to an official ballot box, mailed or mailed to 12220 W Center Road, Omaha, NE 68144, faxed to (402) 444-4181, or mailed to Earlyvoting @. votes on the wallet

Early voting slips cannot be requested by telephone.

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