West Omaha rock sport is altering

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – West Omaha rock has been redesigned to the displeasure of people who work nearby.

“I liked it the other way around because I saw it every morning and it was also funny that I was snapchat it all the time,” said Stephanie Sihavong, Kanwa Nail & Spa employee.

At this time last year, West Omaha Rock caught the attention of people from all over the country for its ability to get riders between a rock and a tough place.

“Cars just like to drive over it, I’m not sure how. I would like to know how, ”said Brianna Dawson, Kanwa Nail & Spa employee.

“Because I don’t know how, but maybe because people like to read or talk on the phone, they may have decided to drive the curb like a ramp. I don’t know how, but it happens right, ”said Sihavong

Employees from nearby stores said their companies continued to receive complaints until something was finally done.

“We had I think we filed a complaint and they wouldn’t even move it, they said they couldn’t,” Dawson said.

The UPS store staff confirm that the rock ranks 156th and West Maple is the same as before. It was just flipped and rotated so the blunt side faces the road. A tree has been added to attract people’s attention.

And while it ended the crisis, they miss seeing the rock celebrated.

“It’s not that fun, it’s not that pleasant to see,” said Dawson.

Of course, the legacy of West Omaha Rocks lives on. Several social media accounts have been set up on his behalf, and staff at nearby stores said this is still a topic of daily conversation

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