Why weren’t there face mask quotes issued at the Omaha Council meeting?

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Dozens of people turned up maskless at the city council meeting on Tuesday to ask officials to let the face mask ordinance expire, leading many to ask the question:

Why weren’t quotes given to those who didn’t wear masks?

With some in the audience streamed live from the meeting on the city’s website, enforcement appeared to be central to the debate among viewers, although it only appeared once during a public comment and in no follow-up questions or comments from Council members were addressed.

The reason: Omaha City Council Chambers is located in a Douglas County government building, and neither the county nor the state has a face mask mandate. And since it is not a federal building, the White House mandate does not apply either.

Douglas County Sheriff Tom Wheeler told 6 News that his department wants to be a team player and wear masks while working in government buildings. He also said that his security staff offered face masks to those attending the meeting, but they did not have to wear them to enter.

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